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2024  CSA

Community Supported Agriculture


Our CSA creates a responsible relationship between you and the food you eat. Most food travels an average of 1,300 miles to the supermarket and can be several days old. By purchasing a yearly subscription to our CSA, you can either pick up a box of freshly picked veggies or we will deliver it to your door. 

You get a variety of freshly harvested, naturally grown vegetables weekly or every other week. You pay for a box of vegetables with 7 - 11 items from June through October. The box should feed a family of 4 weekly or two people for two weeks. Expect lighter boxes early in the season and more abundant ones throughout summer and fall. Choosing to be a member of our CSA is a great way to support your local farm, increase your veggie intake, and choose naturally grown vegetables that are affordable and sustainable. 

Organic Vegetables

Items in the box

7 - 11 items 

Broccoli                  Later Season

Carrots                   Tomatoes

Lettuce                   Corn

Salad Mix               Squash (6 types)

Arugula                  Onions- yellow, red

Green Beans          Potatoes

Peas (Sugar)           Peppers

Swiss Chard           Cucumbers

Spinach                  Tomatillos








 Weekly delivery 20 weeks - $900.00

EOW delivery 10 weeks -$500.00

Weekly pick-up 20 weeks - $600.00

EOW 10 weeks pick-up - $300.00


You Can Add Eggs to Your Box!

This year we are offering a  dozen eggs added to your box. These eggs are from our chickens raised with non-GMO feed and have room to run around. We collect the eggs daily, and I wash them for you. We are licensed by the state and follow the rules to ensure your eggs are fresh and safe. The price is listed below and on our Shop page. 

Weekly (Full Subscription, 20 weeks), you pick up with one dozen eggs -------     $740.00

Weekly (Full Subscription, 20 weeks), we deliver with one dozen eggs ---------   $1040.00

Every other week ( 1/2 Subscription, 10 weeks), you pick up with two doz. eggs-$440.00

Every other week(1/2 Subscription, 10 weeks) we deliver with two dozen eggs - $640.00

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