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A Mindful Beginning

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

My daughter, Diana and I started a business last year growing vegetables.

We have a deep belief that food should nurture our bodies and souls. We

feel the growing energies from our garden and have a deep respect for

nature. So what is this growing energy we feel and how can it help balance

the world?

In this world full of negativity, focusing on the magic of life around us brings

a strong sense of grounding and balance. We call our business, Mindful

Creations; because we feel the plants we grow bring balance. Mindfulness is

a word that is used often and means being connected to life moment to

moment and internal balance. When we plant the tiny seeds and watch them

grow the energies projected from them is magical and mindful. The joy of

planting a flat of seeds in our greenhouse and watching them emerge from

the soil reaching for the energy of the sun, makes us believe in a higher

power. So much in this world is magical and so much is taken for granted or


We play music to our plants and talk to them blessing each one when we

transplant. Together, we nurture each plant giving love and respect. We

watched together last year as each plant grew and matured into beautiful

works of art. We ask permission of Mother Earth when we pick our

vegetables and thank her for continuing to provide us with her magic.

If every human would take time to ponder what this Earth provides for us

perhaps there would start to be less hate, criticism, and judgement and

more acceptance and love. We may start to heal.

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I absolutely love this post 💜

I’m glad I found your little farm and I’m grateful to be apart of your journey!

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