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Mindfulness: a State of Mind

            Being Mindful or Mindfulness has become a common word these days. But do we understand what it means? As a retired mental health therapist, I used the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy model, where the concept of Mindfulness comes from with many of my clients.

            Being mindful is a mental state of slowing down our world, focusing on ourselves and the Earth, and sitting and listening to the world around us. Mindfulness is observing our environment without judgment of ourselves or others. I enjoy sitting outside at my farm, listening, and watching the birds flock up for their long journeys. Being Mindful is experiencing the wind in my hair and on my face and watching the trees move in the wind. It is breathing deeply and feeling the oxygen fill my lungs and then breathing out the inner stress that resides.

            Establishing an inner balance takes work and practice but is worth the time. Over time, it becomes a normal state of mind.

            Trying to keep up with this fast-paced world can be exhausting. Practicing Mindfulness can slow things down and help us live in the moments that bring us joy. Try to sit for a few minutes and connect.

            In my book "The Harold Project," connection to life energy is the key to healing our planet. Saving the Earth takes everyone working together to implement small changes together.

            The first step is connecting to our Earth, ourselves, and each other. Then, the steps become easy when we decide to make better choices around using the resources our Earth provides and honoring life.

            So, try to practice Mindfulness daily. See, feel, and listen without judgment and find joy in this beautiful season.


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