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Blackberry Magic

Last weekend I was battling blackberries. These magical plants have earned my respect as I'm sure if humans were not on this Earth, blackberries would rule many lands. I used to despise them while I hacked them down, but it is interesting if you take a close look at the blackberry plant. Underground, their roots expand aggressively, and when they grow along the ground, they put out small feeder roots. They have a way of wrapping around your legs or grabbing ahold of your shirt, skin, or pants, ripping holes. If you cut them back to the ground, they wait patiently and then come back threefold, their stalks stronger. The plants wrap around each other tightly, presenting a solid fortress.

Why do I respect these annoying plants? Well, if only I could be more like a blackberry plant. Strong and resilient, along with thorny and aggressive. Holding on to others while having patience when cut back only to become more powerful together. We can learn essential lessons on living our lives from the plants around us.

In the current social life flow, I wonder how divided we are becoming with the left and right, in and out, and up and down. Is it worth it to fill our minds with judgments and decisions to not trust each other? The separation between us brings valleys filled with emotional blackberries. Maybe we should allow these vines to grow and intertwine us together. Think how strong we could be together with acceptance and tolerance.

These plants know how to survive. Do we?

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