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Finding Joy in Our Earth

It's the little things that bring me joy. Watching the way the humming birds approach the feeder, drink and then buzz away, the daily growth in my greenhouse and life emerging in our garden brings a warm glow inside me. Who would know these simple miracles could bring balance and joy in this world I live in?

Our garden is developing this year into a place filled with life, love and ongoing joyful energies. The small broccoli seeds I planted are now plants beginning to bear tender shoots. The cauliflower now has small heads and will be ready soon to harvest. Our green beans came up but some type of bird had them for dinner so we will plant again and Walter (picture below with Diana) will watch over the ones that survived the dinner table.

I found that I love growing herbs and will be planting them throughout the summer. Each day I cherish the gifts that Mother Nature provides for me and thank her for the golden energy I feel as I work in the earth.

Recently, I tried to purchase more seeds and found a lot of people are buying seeds. I only hope they find the joy that I do watching the plants grow and take form. It is this energy of life that brings balance into our lives. It is nice to think that more people have found the joy in the simple tasks of gardening. Hopefully, they will continue to bring this life energy to themselves for many seasons.

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