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Life Emerges

Our greenhouse is radiating life and our garden spot is ready. The broccoli and cauliflower starts are waiting patiently in the greenhouse to be planted as soon as Mother Earth will agree to stop the rain for a few days.

The tomatoes and peppers are slow to germinate due to the cooler temperatures. We have a few starts that are braving the cooler temperatures but most are still holding out in their beds waiting for just the right time to emerge.

We harvested our first crop of radishes from the greenhouse and they sold quickly. We feel blessed and thankful to be in this business together.

Working with Mother Earth fulfills our days and I am fortunate to be semi-retired and able to spend my days in the greenhouse and working around the farm. Diana works during the day and gets her nature injection in the late afternoons and weekends.

Strange times have come with the invasion of this virus and the need to isolate. I am blessed to have a farm to spend time on and feel for people who are home bound, but you can always sit outside and experience nature. It is wonderful to sit and listen to the birds and the hum of nature and recently the sound of the rain and wind. Life has a wonderful music to it if you listen and unplug. We may be in for many opportunities in the future to slow down and connect to ourselves and our Earth.

Right now our garden site is a blank canvas waiting for us to plant it with life and love. I can see no better gift then the opportunity to honor the Earth with new life.

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