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Mother Earth's Magic

Tonight as I was picking these beautiful vegetables for our customers I reflected on the generosity of our Earth. We plant a tiny seed and a beautiful plant grows. I wonder how often people stop to consider how blessed we are to live in such a magical place. Tonight I made a tasty salad and enjoyed the magic and felt gratitude.

Times have been strange and stressful but I feel humble and honored to live in a place that can produce such magic.

I wonder how the need to protect our Earth is not the most important topic on all our minds. I love feeling the Earth beneath my feet while I tend to our plants. Watching the bees and humming birds working the flowers gives me balance. They know instinctively what to do to survive and thrive but do we?

Maybe if we would stop each day and take the time to sit and listen to nature's energy it would add to our clarity and balance.

Diana and I love working with nature to provide you with these gifts.

This is our sacred place.

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